Test Server – Replays



A heavily requested feature has suddenly appeared on a test server near you. Look for it to arrive on the live server along with the Echoes set. This patch also adjusts a few of the new Echoes units, including a heavy increase in power for Stone Recluse.

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Braggin’ Brawl Winners



Congratulations to this weekend’s Braggin’ Brawl victors:


The Strategic Angels

Lahopaa, Yann, H3zy, Cashflo, and H2bro led their guild to victory over the long-time champions The Badger Guild in a five player King of the Hill format finals. The Strategic Angels now have possession of the Braggin’ Brawl trophy shown above. No, you can’t just save the image to earn it! Special thanks to Squiddy for organizing and running the tournament both Saturday and Sunday.

You can find more information about the Braggin’ Brawl here.

Want to participate in a future Braggin’ Brawl? For that, you’ll need to be in a guild.

How do you join a guild? Well, a good place to start is by using the Scrollsguide Guild Recruitment Forum. You can also see a good overview of all Scrolls guilds in a handy table maintained by Twitchmatic.

Test server – More scrolls



Here’s a few units for you to sink your teeth into.

Changelog 1.2.8 (client 1.2.7)

  • Added four new Echoes scrolls
    • Aes Moran Scholar
      4 Order
      Creature: Human, Mystic
      Ranged Attack
      When Aes Moran Scholar comes into play, sift 3 scrolls from your library, and draw one of them.
    • Keen Warden
      1 Growth
      Creature: Human, Warden
      Pillage: +3 Attack until next attack
    • Expurgator
      3 Decay
      Creature: Human, Mystic
      When Expurgator comes into play, any enchantments on its row are destroyed.
    • Assault Battery
      4 Energy
      Structure: Artillery
      Ranged attack
      Surge: X Random structures you control have their Countdown decreased by 2.