Scrolls Development Back on the Road!

Things have been slow at the Mojang office over the last few weeks due to a lot of people being on vacation. But as more people are coming back to work, things are starting to pick up again!

As for Scrolls, we are currently working on quite a few improvements. For example:

  • Deck Builder overhaul! New sorting options. New search options. Scrolls will be zoomed in on mouse over instead of with a click. Unit scrolls will display the graphic of the summoned unit directly in the Deck Builder.
  • In-game chat!
  • A store! Playing matches gets you gold. Gold gets you new scrolls!
  • Quite a few scroll tweaks!
  • Some never before seen scrolls will be added!
  • New scroll design! Information about scrolls type and rarity will be added along with better information about buffs/debuffs on the summoned unit.
  • Ranking! In the beginning, all multi player matches will affect a players rating, but expect that to change at a later date to allow for friendly matches with nothing “on the line”.
  • Bug fixes!

Whether we will release these changes in iteration or all at once, remains to be seen. But expect an update within 6 to 10 days.

Also in the news, Mojang developer Måns Olson has joined the Scrolls team! He is active on the forum under the name MansOlson and you can see him in-game with the name Morre. If you use twitter, make sure you follow him:


Thats it for now. You stay classy, San Diego!

Jakob Porser – @JahKob