10 tips for Scrolls newbies


Are you a Scrolls newbie? Don’t worry. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. Here are 10 tips that you might find useful after you’ve completed the tutorial and played a few games against the AI.

  • Once you’ve built up a decent amount of resources, start sacrificing one scroll for two. It’s vital to have scrolls to play!
  • Try to maintain board control. If you’ve got a choice between damaging your opponent’s idol or creature, it’s probably better to hit the creature
  • It’s OK to let your idols take a few hits. Don’t give up a unit unless it’s completely necessary or part of your strategy
  • Keep your deck lean! There’s a minimum of 40 scrolls per deck
  • Stick to single resource decks when starting out. It’s a easier to learn basic strategy that way
  • Experiment with each of the starter decks. They play very differently so find the one which best suits your play style
  • Maintain a good balance of creatures and spells once you begin to customise
  • Make sure your deck has good resource balance. You want some scrolls that can be played early as well as hard-hitting finishers for the late game
  • You can spend the Gold earned from matches to purchase new Scrolls in the Store. You can also sell back at a reduced price
  • Don’t get disheartened if you lose! Try to work out where you went wrong and correct your play next time

Hope these help you out. See you online, noob!

Owen – @Bopogamel