Did you buy a ticket for MineCon 2011? Check your inbox for a Scrolls Alpha key!

We’ve just sent a Scrolls Alpha key to all the lovely people who attended MineCon 2011. It should appear in the same inbox you used to buy your ticket last year.

Even though it’s a very different experience to Minecraft, Scrolls is following in Notch’s footsteps when it comes to iterative design. Our latest game is far from feature complete, but we’re giving players a chance to sample its tactical delights early. Your feedback will help us create the best experience possible. And we’ll never stop tweaking.

It’s definitely a good idea to play the tutorial, no matter your experience with collectible card games or turn-based strategy. We’ve also posted a quick tips guide for new players. Lots of those came straight from the dev’s brains, so it’s worth taking a look.

Our official forums are at Scrollsfans. That’s where you can go to discuss Scrolls with other players, or provide feedback to help us improve all aspects of the game. Don’t be shy! There’s a lot of friendly people over there and we love hearing your feedback.

Above all, have fun! See you online.

Owen –@bopogamel