Let’s play Scrolls together (again)!

Scrolls might be in Alpha, but it’s already generating a passionate community of players. Newbie or seasoned pro, it’s great to see you logging in, customising your deck, and breaking out your units. It’s what Scrolls is all about, and it makes us very happy to see so many people playing.

The last community event was a massive success, so I thought I’d have a go at organising another one. This Wednesday at around 8pm CEST, a bunch of Mojangstas will be logging into Scrolls. You should jump in too; it’ll be a veritable feast of battling, trading, and chatting. It’ll be lovely.

If you’re feeling a bit lost after playing the tutorial, check out our beginner’s guide, or,  if you’re a newbie when it comes to international time zones, just click here to work out when we’ll be online. Sorry if you’re in bed/school/work/the dentist at that time, but even the most passionate of Mojangstas need to sleep, sometimes.

I’ll also be updating this post on Scrollsfans.com with batches of 25 alpha codes tomorrow. It’s a first-come, first-served kind of thing, so keep an eye on the thread and redeem your code quickly. Unfortunately, I’m not able to specify the exact times the codes will be posted.

Looking forward to seeing you in the mainframe. Fear my Honorable General(s)!

Owen- @bopogamel