Monthly Archives: May 2013

Launch trailer! Release date! Price!

We have a launch trailer! Watch it! Share it! Make nice comments!We also have a confirmed release date. Scrolls will hit Open Beta on June 3rd, one week from today. You’ll be able to buy Scrolls for £12.95/€14.95/$20.95, depending on … Continue reading

Scrolls changelog 0.92

Update time! With the beta being released on Monday, we’re doing some last-minute tweaks and changes.

Changelog 0.89 – a fresh start! Shards!

The great reset The Scrolls cleansing cometh! We’ve reset all rankings, custom decks, scrolls libraries and Trial progress. Why did we do this? We’re at the final stages of testing before hitting open Beta, and we want to check early game balance. … Continue reading

Changelog 0.88

Time for another patch! Just so you know, we’re planning on releasing another update tomorrow that will reset rankings, scroll libraries, custom decks, and trials. If you have any killer decks/scroll combos in your library, jot them down before it’s … Continue reading

Scrolls changlog 0.87

Not the most dramatic of updates this time around but we thought it was worth keeping you in the loop. .87 is mostly concerned with tweaks to existing Scrolls. Some server-side features also getting tested but, unless you live inside … Continue reading