Monthly Archives: June 2013

Scrolls changelog 0.95

  Hi! We’ve just released Scrolls beta 0.95. Besides the Noaidi change as announced in the previous post, there’s a few new options for sorting and filtering in the deck building, slightly improved store interface, and a few bugfixes.

Upcoming balance changes

Hi! We’ve just uploaded a modified version of Noaidi to our newly set up test server. This felt like a good opportunity to discuss how we would like to handle game balance and scroll changes. If you’re interested, read on … Continue reading

Scrolls changelog 0.94.3

Hello, fellow Scrolldiers! The time has come to release the first new Scrolls beta content. This week we’re adding three scrolls – one for each resource – to the library. You’ll note that two of the scrolls boost multi-resource decks, … Continue reading

Scrolls changelog 0.94.2

Hello! Another changelog! Gentle tweaks this time around: new flavour texts, tweaked rules text, and more gold if your opponent surrenders. Read on for the details.

Community spotlight one: skins and tips

Hi!Scrolls hasn’t been in open beta for long, but there’s already a wealth of community resources. I thought it would be nice to highlight some of our favourite links in an ongoing series of posts…