Let’s talk about decks


I’ve already posted our trailer, a guide to the contents of the beta, and some detailed info on the store, but today I’m talking about the essence of Scrolls – the, erm, scrolls.

You’ll need to pick a starting deck after logging in. There’s one available for each of our three factions: Energy, Growth and Order. The other two are available from the store later on, so don’t worry about your choice too much…

But which will suit you? Here are two community resources to help you pick.

Once you’ve earned a few more scrolls, you’ll probably want to start customising. Fledgling players might find it easier to stick to one faction, but multi-resource creations can result in brutal combinations and unpredictable plays. There’s no limit to the number of decks that can be stored on your profile, and each scroll can be included in as many as you like, so feel free to experiment. Take a look at Sysp’s  guide on deck building for some sound advice.

Your first deck’s scrolls are locked to your account (to ensure you always have a legal deck to play) but after that, all scrolls earned can be sold for gold or traded with your fellow scrollsmen.

Hope you’ve found this post useful. See you online in TWO DAYS zomg!

Owen – @bopogamel