Scrolls changelog 0.94 – the one with free gold!


Hello! You’ve probably noticed that your Scrolls client has been updated. Today’s changelog is mostly about bug fixes… bug fixes and FREE GOLD!

Everyone gets 2000! Why? Because you’re great. There is no catch. All existing players get it. All new players get it. Spend and be merry!

Read on for the full changelog.


Acts of kindness/miscellaneous

  • New players now start with 2000 gold. Existing players have been given 2000 gold.
  • Two of the medium trials are now slightly easier.



  • Nutrition’s (Growth) rules text has been updated.


Bug Fixes

  • The issue where the game gets stuck on summoning a unit should now be significantly less common. We’re working on a fix.
  • The last trial should now be playable.
  • Matches where one player fails to join and immediately surrenders are now less common. We’re working on this issue.
  • A few minor bugfixes in the UI.


Known Issues

  • If you are running Avast, you will need to disable it temporarily in order to login to Scrolls. We’re looking into why this happens.


Spend wisely! See you online!

Owen – @bopogamel