What’s included in the Scrolls beta?




I thought it would be nice to clarify what’s included in the Scrolls beta, and to clear up some questions I’ve received. Here we go!


What’s the deal with the “Beta” status?

On June 3rd, you’re able to purchase Scrolls for £12.95/€14.95/$20.95. It’s not feature complete, but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into. Buy it at this discounted price and you’ll get future updates for free. It’s like that other game, the one with Creepers.


The Store

This is where you get extra scrolls to pimp out your deck. Every item is available for gold. A few can also be purchased for shards – our real-money currency. It’s worth mentioning that shards are completely optional, and will never be required to stay competitive. Please read this post for a more in-depth explanation of the economy and rewards.


Deck Building


The Deck Builder

Custom decks are an integral part of Scrolls. Decks have to be at least 50 scrolls big, and can’t include more than three of the same type. Experiment! Mix factions as you please! Make mistakes then rectify them! It’s a blast.



Trading is a great way to meet fellow scrolldiers, and to get your hands on some of the rarer scrolls quickly. There’s a dedicated room for traders, so jump in there, have a chat, and swap like winners.



There are currently 25 trials in the game. They’re bespoke matchups designed to teach specific strategies, and completing every one is a feat that not all scrollsters will accomplish. The first time you complete a trial you’re awarded with a hefty amount of gold to spend in the store. There’s 9400 g up for grabs, plus the standard rewards for beating an AI opponent. Prove your worth!




Quick matches

You can play quick matches in both single player and multiplayer. When playing against the AI, there’s no time limit on your moves, and you get to select from three difficulty settings before the match begins. It’s a nice place to test out your new deck with minimum pressure before taking it online. As you’ve probably guessed, easy matches earn least gold. Multiplayer matches earn most.


Challenge matches

Despite the name, challenge matches aren’t necessarily more challenging than any other battle. You get to pick from the list of players logged into Scrolls and challenge someone to a match. Your first five matches each day grant gold; we restricted this to stop bad people exploiting the system and causing the economy to implode in a spectacular, but ultimately upsetting, market crash.


Safe bunnies


Ranked Matches

Serious business. As implied by the name, ranked matches affect your ranking, and earn hefty amounts of gold. This is where competitive players will spend their time. Become the ultimate scrolldier in the universe and obliterate peoples’ puny decks! It’s the only way to live.


Your profile

This is where you get to customise the avatar other players see in-game. You can also view stats of other players by visiting their profiles.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading. You’re keen!

That’s it for now. For more, check my post on the in-game store and watch the launch trailer.


Owen – @bopogamel