Introducing… crafting!

Tier 3 Scroll


We have an exciting new feature to announce. Crafting! At the moment, there’s nothing to differentiate your scrolls from mine. That’s about to change…

Let’s make one thing clear before we go into the details: crafting will not affect gameplay. A scroll’s attack, countdown, health, and traits will remain the same regardless of whether it’s been upgraded.

You can even completely ignore crafting if you don’t like the idea. That would be silly though, because crafting is going to be badass.


Deck builder cropped


How do I craft Scrolls?

  • Click the new crafting tab!
  • Three identical scrolls are required to craft. Dump them in the slots! Click Upgrade!
  • The three scrolls will be combined into an upgraded scroll. Two get burned in the process.




There are now three tiers of scroll

  • Your existing scrolls are classified as tier 1.
  • Combine three tier 1 scrolls to craft a tier 2.
  • Combine three tier 2s to craft a tier 3.


Explain the tiers!

  • Tier 1 scrolls work just like the ones your existing collection.
  • Tier 2 scrolls track stats and look that little bit nicer.
  • Tier 3 scrolls keep the stat tracking abilities you get at tier 2, but also get a shiny silver border, foil rainbow effect, and glinty animation. Play a tier 3 and your opponent will quiver in fear. That’s the idea anyway.


Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 15.00.40


Which stats are tracked? Where can I view them?

  • Click an upgraded scroll to check its stats. They’re visible during a game and in the deck builder. You’ll always be able to see the amount of games the scroll has participated in, the number of times a scroll has been played to the board, how many games it’s won, and how many times it’s been sacrificed.
  • Depending on the type of scroll, some of the following will also be shown: damage dealt, units killed, idols destroyed, times vanquished, and health healed.
  • Upgraded Scrolls can still be sold or traded. They will retain their stats.

The crafting system will give your deck more of a unique identity. The stats mean you can look back at your collection and see which scrolls have proved most successful. There’s also opportunity to show off your most experienced units; got an Iron Ogre who’s killed 300 units and obliterated 200 idols? You probably mean business.

We’ve just implemented crafting on the test server. If all goes to plan, it’ll be in the game proper next week. As always, we’d appreciate any feedback. I’ve created a forum post on Scrollsfans for that purpose.

Have fun!

Owen – @bopogamel