Let’s talk about Scrolls development


It’s time for an update on Scrolls development…

Last week we introduced crafting. On first glance it might seem like a cosmetic change, but there’s actually more to it than stats and shininess.

Some players got extremely rich soon after the Scrolls Beta went live. These wealthy players inflated the price of newer scrolls, making it difficult for some players to obtain them.

The crafting update encourages larger collections, giving scrolldiers more ways to spend their cash. It also means players can customise decks while retaining in-game balance.

Since crafting was introduced, 109,544 scrolls have been burned. There are already 41460 level 2, and 3328 level 3 scrolls in-game. Crafting was a relatively quick feature to implement compared to the other things we’re working on…


decay in action0


Decay in action




Our fourth resource, Decay, is currently being tested. We can’t wait to make it live, but it’s imperative that things are balanced before we unleash the most gruesome faction yet.

We’re also testing a batch of scrolls for the existing factions. Lots of them. Here are a few teasers for your viewing pleasure. Click to embiggen.


218_Sister of the Bear 233_Royal Banner223_Storm Runner


Our next major update will include a friends list and whispers that will make it easier for you to play against your friends and enemies. Of course, we’re also working out new ways to enjoy Scrolls, both alone and with fellow scrolldiers.

Apologies for the delay in getting this post out to you. We hope you’ve found it insightful.

Owen – @bopogamel