The Week of Decay is almost upon us…


Scrolls’ fourth faction – Decay – is almost upon us. From 2pm CEST on Monday August 26th, you’ll be able to buy a pre-constructed Decay deck and obtain Decay scrolls from the store.

In fact, the whole week will be dedicated to Decay. There’ll be offers for new and existing players, and loads of Decay-related posts on

Read on for the details…




New players get the Decay pre-con for free!

Anyone who signs up for a Scrolls account next week will get the Decay pre-con deck for free. This is in addition to the starting deck they choose when logging in, saving a hefty 500 Shards or 6500 gold. The unlock will be permanent.

The pre-con will costs the same as our existing decks, and Decay scrolls will be just as likely to turn up in random packs as other factions.


Existing players who buy the pre-con get a free avatar set!

Players who purchase the decay pre-con for gold or shards next week also get a complimentary avatar. It’s got a distinctive Decay-flavour, and can be mixed and matched with your existing pieces. Shady.



Keep checking for daily updates!

We’ll also be sharing a bunch of unreleased Decay artwork and doing some Decay-centric interviews with the development team. They’ll be discussing the inspiration behind our newest faction, and sharing some tactics to get you started.

That’s it for now people! Speak soon!

Owen – @bopogamel