Judgement Week is almost upon us…



Next week, we’re releasing our second major Scrolls update. This one will affect how you play, earn scrolls, and interact with your fellow players. It’s going to be a biggie, so read on to see what you’re getting on Monday, October 21st. Exciting!






Check my previous post for more information on our newest mode. In-short, you build a deck on the fly and use it in a series of matches against other players online. Then you’re rated, and get to pick a portion of your Judgement deck to permanently add to your collection. The better you do, the more scrolls you get to keep. Judgement mode will initially cost 1000 gold or 150 Shards to enter.






Spectator mode is also arriving next week. You’ll be able to watch every game happening in Scrolls LIVE (as long as the players are cool with it). Just click the button in the Arena and you’ll be presented with the screen above. From there, it’s pretty simple to watch  a match.

Don’t worry if you don’t like the idea of people getting insight into your play. It’s easy to disable spectators in the options menu.



Gold Screenshot


Increased Gold gain for lost matches

Over time, we’ve discovered that Scrolls can be a bit hard on new players. For that reason, we’re awarding approximately twice as much gold for multiplayer losses. To compensate for this, win rewards have been reduced by around 10 per cent.



Machine_Doom_Preconstructed Tiny_Feet_Preconstructed


Two multi-resource pre-con decks

We’re adding two new pre-con decks to the store. Like everything in Scrolls, they can be bought with gold or shards. We’ll be discussing these in the next few days.



133_Darkstrike135_Erode178_Tempo Theft


44 new scrolls!

We’re introducing a whopping 44 new scrolls. The Just for You section of the store will be updated daily for seven days after the update, and will only include scrolls from our latest set (the last 60 scrolls released). That should give all players opportunity to add some new spice to their collections.



212_Breaker213_Oak Blood214_Fierce Tactics

216_Appurtenance217_Berserker219_Kinfolk Ranger

221_Owl222_Sister of the Owl224_State Machine

225_Supercharged226_Machine Chant227_Scout Automaton

228_Magnetizer229_Mystic Altar231_Caller's Bane

232_Aging Knight233_Royal Banner234_Fleetness

235_Machinated236_Corrode238_Vigor Extraction

240_Refined Strategy241_Siege Cracker242_Ripper

243_Unforseen Onslaught244_Ilmire Tribesman245_Pest Dissimulator

246_Monstrous Brood247_Monstrosity248_Fungify

249_Ire And Bile250_Sickening Fumes251_Uneasy Alliance

252_Bloodline Taint253_Watcher254_Wings Captain

255_Eager Scryer256_Cannonetta257_Untainted258_Machine Divinator259_Beetle Stone


That’s it! Thanks for reading.  Feel free to chat about the upcoming update with the friendly folks on Scrollsguide.


Owen – @bopogamel