Scrollsguide Competition Winners



Hello, fellow Scrolldiers!

The time has come to announce the winners of the Scrollsguide Scroll Design Competition. The panel of judges have picked their finalists. After the break, we present the finalists and the winners of each category.

Please note that the text on the scrolls below has been slightly modified from the original entries to fit the grammar and style that we use in-game.



spoils_of_war  frozen_bloodfalse_intelligence


Winner: Frozen Blood

This is a severe enchantment that spells doom for the affected unit. Think of it as a weak removal spell at a low cost, with a few very interesting combo options for the curious mind.

We’re considering lowering the cost of the spell, as we suspect it’ll be too weak in its current iteration.



piercing_projectilerecycle  collapse


Winner: Piercing Projectile

Simple. Synergizes well with Energy’s many Ranged creatures, works similarly to Machination Mindset, and lots of fun to play on a Magma Pack’d Cannon Automaton.

We’re planning to try this out without any changes made.



oaken_aura bear_trap pact_with_the_ancestors


Winner: Pact with the Ancestors

This spell has some very interesting uses; you’re essentially forcing your opponent to decide whether to give you scrolls or leave your units alone. It’s a neat concept that can be used in several different ways, while still giving your opponent the option of responding.

We’re planning a minor change to the rules to make it slightly less abusable. We’ll most likely lower the cost to go with the change. Instead of the spell lasting until the end of your opponent’s turn, the duration will be “during your opponent’s next turn”.



soulfire eclipse anthrophobia


Winner: Eclipse

Our minds were a little bit blown by this one. Out of all the finalists, this is the scroll that pushes the boundaries the furthest, while still staying true to the vision and flavor of Scrolls.

The text is somewhat open to interpretation. We’ll interpret “all resources” as “your current resources”, because it buffs both true multi-resource decks and splash decks (just imagine splashing this and Necrogeddon into a Bunny deck).


Please note that these designs are all subject to change before being added to the game. In particular, it’s likely we’ll change names and flavor texts.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition, and massive congratulations to all the finalists. The winners of each category will have their scroll implemented in the game, and all finalists will be awarded a unique avatar head some time in the future.

Måns, Henrik and Owen – @MansOlson, @carnalizer and @Bopogamel