Prepare for Rebellion!



The fourth major update to Scrolls – Rebellion – is almost upon us. It brings 56 scrolls, new store items, and new abilities to help spice up your matches. We’re planning on releasing it a week from today. Read on for the details.



Idol hate, or the power of Pillage and Dominion

Seasoned Scrolls players will know the importance of keeping board control; it’s normally better to take out units than go for idols. While this is still an important thing to remember, we’re introducing two new mechanics which will make those idols a bit more enticing to smash: Pillage and Dominion.

A unit’s Pillage trait happens when the unit damages an idol. Dominion effects are active when at least one of your opponent’s idols are down. A few examples of these mechanics are highlighted on the scrolls below.


eclipse (1)


Four Champions

We’re introducing unique champions – powerful units for each faction that come with some brutal abilities. Only one of each is allowed on your side at one time. Read on for more on these.


New store items

There are four new preconstructed decks available in the store along with a brand-new addition: Explorer’s packs. These 10-scroll packs are guaranteed to include at least four scrolls from the new Rebellion set. Also, all scroll packs and random singles now have a chance to drop upgraded scrolls –  keep your fingers crossed as you open them! As before, the Just for You section of the store will be updated daily with Rebellion scrolls during the week after release.




13 new trials

There are a bunch of new Trials included in the Rebellion patch, offering lots of gold and a significant challenge for experienced players.


Judgement Overhaul

We’ve fixed the rarity of each row of scrolls during the drafting process. Now players will be even more evenly matched when creating a deck. Further, while Judgement decks still last for up to five matches, they’re now destroyed after two losses. We’re lowering the entry fee to compensate. We’re also making it easier to win back enough gold to draft another deck.




Other tweaks

The battle UI has been improved, and we’ve made a number of balance changes. We’ve added increased rewards when playing tier 3 scrolls,  an attack animation preview to the deck builder, and some handy tips on startup. Testing Grounds will also be updated with a mulligan feature and a 75 second timer.


56 new scrolls

This update comes with 56 new scrolls, bringing the total up to a whopping 300. Here are a few from each faction, and some brief notes from the devs to get you excited.


314_Cay, Royal Envoy306_Wings Cleaver275_Reversal


Cay is a champion of Order. She’s difficult to take out in the end game, and can provide you with some much-needed card draw when you need it most.

Play Wings Cleaver when at least one of your opponent’s idols are down and it’s Dominion effect will kick in, buffering her attack to 7, and her countdown to 2. Ouch.

Reversal is a great way to manipulate your opponent’s formation, or to switch your units for a surprise attack or reordered defence.


318_Top Reaver Thea301_Vicious Strike 287_Replicaton


Top Reaver Thea is an Energy champion. She has a high attack and piercing, which should help you break through to those precious idols. Do that, and her Pillage ability will reward you with extra resources.

Rebellion gives Energy a number of scrolls to temporarily increase resource count. Vicious Strike’s Surge trait uses all remaining resources, which is a good way to harness that power.

Replicaton is another example of a scroll that rewards resource management. With good planning, you’ll have a constant flow of these robotic critters.


297_Jarl Urhald292_Vengeful Vaettr304_Seed of Insurgency


Jarl Urhald is Growth’s first champion. With high attack, Relentless, and Pillage, he can easily target your opponent’s idols and, if he reaches them, keep smashing turn after turn.

Vengeful Vaettr might not have the strongest attack, but damage an idol and he’ll award you with a significant boost to your resource count. A great creature for the early game.

Seed of Insurgency is a brutal enchantment that bring a unit back to life with low countdown. Enchant Urhald and he’ll return from death with his Inspiring buff, attacking the next turn. Synergy!


278_Nuru, Flesh-seamstress266_Stitcher268_Blade Husk   


Nuru, Flesh-seamstress is a champion of Decay. Instead of attacking, Nuru summons pairs of husks. Used strategically, she can be a great asset to any Decay caller who’s looking for something to sacrifice. She also buffs undead creatures (including her own Husks) when Dominion is active.

Use Stitcher wisely and you’ll end up with a powerful army. Synergise with a Decay unit with has a taste for death and your opponent will be in for a hard time.

Call upon a few Blade Husks when Nuru is on the board and you’ll end up with a force to be reckoned with. A cheap unit that can hit hard.


That’s it for now! We’ll have more on the Rebellion update next week. We hope you’re as excited as us to get it deployed!

Owen – @bopogamel