New patch! HALF GOLD!



UPDATE: This post is not to be trusted! It’s a cheeky April fool prank!

 Hello Scrolldiers,

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that it’s far too easy to earn gold, especially for new players. Starting at noon CEST on Saturday, April 5th and ending on Monday the 7th, players will earn half as much gold as they regularly do. As usual, Trial and Judgement rewards are unaffected.

We’re making a few other changes as well. Read on for the full patch notes!



  • We’re adding the ability to buy headwear for your units. As you can see, the Iron Ogre pictured below is wearing a legendary AtakTrak cap, showing his attack value printed on the hat.
  • Instead of surrendering, players can now flip the table. Neither player gets a win or loss. We’re hoping this will encourage good sportsmanship throughout the game.






  • Quake (Growth): Cost 4 (down from 6).
  • Essence Feast (Growth): No longer gives double idol damage to Beasts. Idol heal has been capped to a maximum of 2 per row.
  • Kinfolk Veteran (Growth): Changed Health back to 5 (up from 3).
  • Crimson Bull (Growth): Attack increase is now 1 (down from 2), but no longer expires at end of turn.
  • Imperial Resources (Order): Now draws scrolls equal to your Order value.
  • Desert Memorial (Order): Now increases Energy by 3 (up from 1).
  • Pother (Order): Now returns to hand after being played.
  • Thunder Surge (Energy): Now jumps across a gap of one empty tile, meaning it will generally hit more units when used.
  • Bombard (Energy): Now increases the attack of each affected unit by 1 until end of turn.
  • Baleful Witch (Decay): Now costs 2 (down from 3). Attack is now 3 (up from 2).
  • Necrogeddon (Decay): Now spawns 2 Husks per unit killed (up from 1).
  • Wicked Being (Decay): No longer curses attacker.



  • Removed Herobrine.


In other news, we’ve been reconsidering our stance on the game’s name. With Scrolls not only a common word, but also present in other major titles, we’re thinking of using the name “Cards” instead. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

See you on the battlefield!

The Scrolls team