Scrollsguide Competition Winners #2



Hello, fellow Scrolldiers!

The time has come to announce the winners of the Scrollsguide Scroll Design Competition. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of cool stuff submitted, and the high quality of the entries. Thanks so much! After the break, we present the finalists and the winners of each category.

Please note that the text on the scrolls below has been slightly modified from the original entries to fit the grammar and style used in-game.






Finalists: Close Ranks by RedDye, Eternal Sword by Guywithscrolls, and Treaty by GoldenFalcon.


Winner: Eternal Sword

The sword is a very interesting enchantment because of its staying power. The fact that it can remain on board after the enchanted unit is destroyed means it’s useful both for maintaining dominance and for comebacks.

We’re thinking of altering the stats of the scroll – possibly lowering it to 2 Attack and 1 Health – and decreasing its cost. We’re also considering changing the allowed targets for the enchantment.






Finalists: Wheels by Jordey75, Destabilization Cannon by natsamtan246, and Tripwire Cannon by HutchHogan.


Winner: Tripwire Cannon

Tripwire Cannon is a very interesting take on the trap mechanic. It’s a nice way to handle trap setup without requiring tile enchantments. Enemy units are unlikely to want to venture into the line of fire, making for a powerful deterrent. It also has some really interesting synergy possibilities with other scrolls. We like!

We’re unsure if this scroll needs any changes. We’ve been thinking about whether it should also trigger when enemy units are summoned on the row.






Finalists: Slab of Spawn by UnholyGrail, Skythorn by Nicon, and Creeping Brambles by Zeppelin.


Winner: Skythorn

This scroll has an interesting “comes into play” synergy, which fits very well with our vision for Growth in future sets. It’s also a useful wall that makes interesting use of the countdown mechanic – well done!

It’s likely that this scroll will receive slight changes before being implemented. We’re considering decreasing its Countdown value, and making it count down only when your creatures enters play. We’re also not yet decided about the Spiky trait.






Finalists: Hell Tear by teedle, Immortality by Auquilius, and Land of the Dead by togoodlooking.


Winner: Hell Tear

This is an interesting wall that sacrifices long-term survival for retention of board presence. We believe it can be used for some interesting strategies, but also open up for very interesting counterplay.

Honestly, we’re not quite sure how to best implement this. What happens when the idol is down? Does the Hell Tear take regular damage, or is the damage simply dealt to nothing? In short, the exact details of this still need to be determined.


Please note that these designs are all subject to change before being added to the game. In particular, it’s likely we’ll change names and flavor texts.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition, and massive congratulations to all the finalists. The winners of each category will have their scroll implemented in the game, and all finalists will be awarded a unique avatar head some time in the future.

Måns – @MansOlson