Waypoints – September 23



Waypoints is nigh! On Tuesday, September 23, we’ll release a live patch. It contains the upcoming set 6, the Black Market, a new OSX launcher, and many other changes. We’re also resetting the ladder! Read on for more details.



With Waypoints, we’re introducing 56 new scrolls, bringing the total count up to a full 360. The patch also introduces two major new mechanics – Lingering spells and Sifting. Lingering spells are effects that remain in play for a certain duration. They can dramatically shift the power balance in a match. Sifting is a way to pick and choose from multiple scrolls when drawing them, adding another level of strategy to certain new scrolls.




Ladder Reset

When we release Waypoints, we’ll reset everybody’s rankings and introduce ladder seasons in Scrolls. To wrap up this first season, we’ll award a special avatar head to the top ten ranked players at 10 PM CEST, on Saturday, September 20. We haven’t yet decided the length of seasons, but we’re looking at three or four seasons per year.


The Black Market

The Black Market is a place for Scrolldiers to trade scrolls with each other even when one party is offline. Name your price, put the scroll up for sale, and hope somebody buys it. For buyers, the market will automatically find the best offers for the scrolls you’re looking to purchase.




Increased Gold Gain

We’ve increased gold gained from matches by 25%. Coupled with the Black Market, we’re hoping this will minimize grind and make building your collection a fun and rewarding process.


Revised Judgement

Judgement gold rewards have been increased substantially, and rarities are no longer determined per row. Look forward to a Judgement mode that’s more fun than ever!




Balance Changes

We’ve once again gone over a great number of existing scrolls and revised their balance. Prepare for an all new meta.


A New Wild

We’ve changed the Wild sacrifice rules to be more lenient, thus giving multi-resource decks another edge. At long last, Kinfolk Veterans and Gravelock Elders can hang out like the friends they are.




New Trials

We’ve added ten brand new trials to repeatedly bash your head against. But don’t fret! We’re almost entirely sure it’s possible to beat them. Probably.


Quick Match is back

With the test server now open to everyone, we’ve reverted Testing Grounds to Quick Match. Further tests will be run on the test server instead.




SP Quickmatch is now Skirmish

We’ve renamed single player quickmatch to ‘Skirmish’, to differentiate it from multiplayer quickmatch.

New Launcher for OSX

With this patch, we’re beginning testing of the new launcher for OSX. You can download and try it today! Here’s the launcher for OSX and Windows. Note that the launcher is still a first iteration – please give feedback and report any bugs here.


That’s it for today. Thanks for sticking with us. <3

Måns – @MansOlson and the Scrolls team