What’s next for Scrolls?



Hi everyone.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re now able to share more details about the future of Scrolls. Dates! Features! Uncertainty! This post has it all.

Coming this month… The Waypoint Update



Some time this month we’re releasing the next major update to Scrolls. Along with bug fixes, a new profanity filter, moderator tools, and balance tweaks, it’ll include…


The Black Market

The ability to trade parts of your collection with other players is integral to our game. It makes your library feel more real and provides another way for scrolldiers to interact outside of battle. Until now, the only way players could trade and sell scrolls was through direct “live” trading. That’s about to change.

The Black Market will let you list up to 10 scrolls at a time. You can offer your wares at any price, giving you the choice to stay competitive, play the market, or attempt to dupe unsuspecting players with more gold than sense. Likewise, if you’re looking for a certain scroll, you’ll be able to scope out the cheapest price and snap it up, even if the seller isn’t online. Lovely!





Set 6 – Waypoints – will go live this month, bringing the total number of scrolls up to 360. It includes new Lingering Spells and Sifting – two new gameplay mechanics that should help spice up the metagame. More on those soon.


New Trials

We’re adding 10 new Trials to the game, giving you opportunity to perfect your strategy and earn extra gold in the process. Nom nom.


A new launcher

Soon after the Waypoint update we’ll be deploying our new launcher in full force, and enlisting the help of our brand-new community manager.


In late Fall/Autumn…

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By late Autumn Scrolls will be officially released to the world. Expect…

  • The official launch of Scrolls (no more beta tag)!
  • The launch of the tablet version, complete with cross-platform play
  • The demo version
  • Our marketing campaign to begin in full force


Less precise, long-term, goals…



Here’s where things get a bit more vague. Tournaments, store updates, our Warzone mode (where you’ll get to face off against other players’ AI-controlled decks), a single player campaign mode, and possibly support for more platforms – they’re all on the cards.


Thanks for your dedication!

Thanks to everyone for playing! If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a great person.

Owen – @bopogamel and the Scrolls team.