Community Moderation



When Scrolls releases to the public on tablets, Macs, and PCs at its new price, we’re anticipating an influx of players arriving in our chat channels, match chat and trading systems. This is all exciting stuff, but it may also create opportunities for conflict.

Even though players are able to access Mojang’s Code of Conduct in game (at the bottom left of the main screen), the best community is the one that moderates itself. You can view the commands that allow you do this via:

      /help (lists all the below commands or gives a description of a command)

                /help mods


Ignoring and Reporting Players

If you experience abuse within the game you can use the /ignore command to mute them. We ask you to do this only if necessary, not because you disagree with their deck choice or some other trivial matter:

      /ignore (Manages your ignore list (hides chat, challenges and trade requests))

                     /ignore {add|remove|list} [username]. Shorthand: /i a, /i r, /i l
                     /ignore add SeeMeScrollin or /i a SeemeScrollin

Even though ignoring players may mean you no longer need to interact with them, it would still be helpful to you report anyone who acts in a particularly offensive manner. Persistent offenders only serve to create a negative experience for new players and we’d like to avoid this.

      /report (reports a given user for misconduct)

                  /report <username> <reason>

(Any mods that are online will have a /whisper session starting with the information, which will be logged in the report file)

      /mods ( Lists all online moderators)



When two tribes go to war

A conflict has two sides, which means that any report that you make to us needs verification. You can send screenshots, or links to the images, of the abuse to and one of our moderators will contact both parties to discuss the issue. We like to have consistency in how issues are handled, so please contact the same moderator should further incidents with that person occur.

Depending on the severity of the incident we are able to mute players and ban them from individual or all chat channels. For more severe, or persistent, abuse we can ban players from ranked play and reset their ranking; the last thing we would want to do is to stop somebody from playing completely so account closures should be unnecessary except in the most severe cases.

Ultimately, it is the conduct of the majority that defines the attitude of the few. There will always be individuals who just want to watch the scrolls burn, but it’s your community and you dictate what that means.

Have fun, and good luck.

– Gareth (@seemescrollin)