Following the trail out of beta



A comprehensive list of upcoming Scrolls events and community happenings. Climb aboard the news wagon! Mind the grandfather clocks, please.

It belongs in a museum

Did you know Quake was once an Energy scroll? Resident Scrolls historian, Blinky, has recently put together a list of this and other little known trivia facts about some of your favorite (or not so favorite) scrolls. Take a look at Part 1 here – and Part 2 here. While you’re at it, why not ask him about some scrolls you’d like to know about?


Scrolls community Raidcall

Ever hear of Raidcall?  It’s a voice chat service you can use to talk with your friends.  A Scrolls Community Raidcall has been running for a couple weeks now and sees action throughout the day.  Just start up Raidcall and type in the following ID: 9804336


The Big Tournament List

Dialex’s “King of the Beta” results

A community organized tournament with some of the strongest players in the game at this time has finally concluded. Who came out on top? Don’t let me spoil it for you. Go ahead and watch this video to witness the final battle between PewQ and Ghost_Bomb.

 Scrolls Guide Open

A huge tournament is being organized and set to take place on December 6-7. First place stands to receive 50,000 gold and a signed, framed copy of the new Ducal Skirmisher art.

“What? There’s new Ducal Skirmisher art, Atmaz?”

Why, yes there is. Have a look here:


Bunny Cup #2 Announced

For lovers of all things cute and furry, the next bi-annual Bunny Cup is upon us. The rules?  The only unit that can be placed on board is a bunny. Bunny Cup #2 takes place November 16th with all sorts of prizes being given away – including enough cash to buy a pizza!  Head on over to this /r/scrolls post for more information.

ESL Black Market #6

The next ESL tournament happens this Sunday, November 9th. Click this link to find out how to check in on time and try your luck at taking first place and winning the Tier 3 Scroll of your choice!


Welp, that about does it.  Good luck out there, Scrolldiers!

-Gary (@Atmaz)