This Week in Scrolls – Damage decisions



The team is closing in on a patch to the live server, influenced by recent feedback. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.


Test Server Changes

As mentioned in the Devblog post earlier this week, a decision has been made regarding damage types, along with a rollback to the current Wild system. Prepare for these changes to come to the Live server soon.


TutoTrials incoming



A huge thanks is in order to everyone who contributed to SeeMeScrollin‘s TutoTrial intiative, as seen mentioned at the bottom of this blog post. Guess what? They’re complete – and they’ve been squeezed in before release!

Now, the original post promised “…if [your trials] get included in the game, then we’ll give you a Tier 3 scroll of your choice.” All feedback given was considered by the developers (specifically Jon) and molded into the result you will soon see. But, since no submitted trials were used exactly as they were presented, we’ve decided to reward all contributors with a Tier 3 scroll!

Who are those contributors? Why, they were none other than:  Squiddydanatron1ParadoxicalLuigisopaXYoshiapomXMongooseNouth, 
NecroManSerTheSunBroChrizzy4RobatoMystiaRaytionalPitmanE957Phobophile93, and Toast.

Find either myself or SeeMeScrollin in game to claim your prize!


Improving the little things

In our continuing effort to improve the “little things” in the Scrolls experience – there are a couple new user settings coming with the next patch.




Ever notice how the music fades out when the Scrolls window is out of focus? Well, here’s an option to disable that. Additionally, for those looking for a more raw, uncut chat experience – feel free to now disable the profanity filter. Oh my.

Another little thing we’re adjusting is the Just For You section in the store. Expect it to rotate daily from now on instead of the usual three days. Go ahead, throw your gold at it!

There are many other “little things” we are looking to improve in the future as based on player feedback. Please take these small tokens as a temporary offering.


Scrollsguide Wiki

Since last week’s post regarding the Scrollsguide Wiki, there have been over 500 edits.  I only stopped counting there, as that’s as high as the filter goes! While there’s still a lot of work to be done, I want to give special mention to those who have contributed over the past week. In no particular order:  Lukigamer, Ashitaka, Wiler5002, Clamlol, Zeppelin,  Nrp, PrinceEric, Iscre4m, Ghostbomb, Cardninja.  I hope I caught everyone. If I didn’t – please send a harshly worded letter to  If you’re someone new who is looking to contribute, remember to head over to the community portal to see where a good place to start might be.


Scrolls Academy

The response to the Scrolls Academy Contest last month was great. It was so great, in fact, that we’ve decided to extend the reward for all of the foreseeable future. That’s right – from now on, anyone who submits a guide to the Academy that makes its way into the site will receive a Tier 3 Scroll of choice. These guides are extremely valuable.  Writing one is a great way to contribute to the welfare of new players. While we are looking to get more special rewards for Scrolls Academy contributors in the future – please accept this reward for now as the least we can do. Please use this contribution guide before submitting an article – and take to heart my number one piece of advice: Save your work in an outside source before submitting.



ESL Black market #8 takes place this Sunday. Make sure to play if you want to secure your place in the Black Market playoffs – the standings can be found here.


Have a great weekend!