Test Server: Set 7 – An introduction



We’ve added the winners from the Scrolls Design Competition to the Test Server, along with four new spells and four new creatures. Read on to see what’s in store.


  • Added the four competition winner scrolls from the Scrollsguide design competition. Huge congratulations to the winners: TheJakyll, gaver10, uwlryoung, and EyeTheta!
  • Added another eight new scrolls from the coming set.
  • The full list of added scrolls:
    • Decay:
      • Ashen Vapors
      • Infected Husk
      • Shambler Sickness
    • Order:
      • Mystic’s Storm
      • Proud Mercenary
      • Coronation (formerly King’s Piece)
    • Energy:
      • Battle Dance
      • Canister Automaton
      • Lightning Chest
    • Growth:
      • Earthen Splendour
      • Steelwood Vindicator
      • Eager to Battle


  • Feedback Jolt (Energy): Reworked: Cost 3. Each opponent unit is dealt 2 magic damage per attached enchantment.
    Reasoning: We’re hoping it will better counter stacked enchantments, without hampering viability of regular decks with enchantments.
  • Prisoners of War (Order): Updated text to better match the rules [bug fix].


New Scrolls

Yesterday we spoiled the new spells on roastedbeanpotion.com, scrolldier.com, and scrolls.fr, but there are four units being added in this patch that have never been seen, as well as the finalized art for the competition scrolls.

Competition Winners:

coronation shambler_sickness lightning_chest eagertobattle

New units:



Look at that lineup! That little automaton is cute. Oh, he explodes? Okay.


canister_automatoninfested_husk proud_mercenary steelwood_vindicator

And that’s that! Remember, to access the Test Server, start your Scrolls launcher, click “More Options,” then “Play Test Server.” Warning: users may experience log-in issues from time to time- but hey, it’s a test server!

Expect a new flavor text competition this Friday featuring yet another new scroll, as well as the official reveal of the next set’s name.

-Gary (@Atmaz)