This Week in Scrolls – Balancing on our nose



The balance patch has hit the test server and the Scrollsguide design competition winners have been announced. Smells good to me!

As we finalize the changes currently being tested, here’s a few things the community has been working on.


Scrolls Mentorship Program

Scrolls can be easy to learn, but difficult to master. Fortunately, there are a lot of friendly members of the community willing to give others a helping hand. One of the best examples of this is the Mentorship Program that member of the Wheel and Sail guild, ktrey, has put together.

It’s pretty simple. The program pairs people willing to help with people looking for help. It’s currently on its third round of training sessions, and those who have signed up are sharing their positive experiences.

There’s a lot of knowledgable players in the mentor list, so if you find yourself struggling in Scrolls – do yourself a favor and sign up to this awesome program.


Interview with Carnalizer

Roasted Bean Potion has posted an interview this week with our very own beard enthusiast and Scrolls project manager, carnalizer. He speaks about everything ranging from art inspirations to progress on the iPad version.

While you’re there, check out the other things Roasted Bean Potion continues to offer. Daily Trial guides are posted regularly by danatron1. He’s posted 66 of them so far! Of particular note is the right sidebar where you can find a schedule of upcoming Scrolls events. Looks a little something like this:




Pretty convenient, eh? Don’t forget, you can always write and submit your own articles as well.


Badger guild Scrollscasts

Here’s something that you might really be missing out on. Scrollscast is a series of YouTube videos put together by the Badger guild featuring high level analysis and great players. Take, for example, one of the latest ones starring GuidoFubini and Blinky. This playlist really is a reservoir of valuable game knowledge. Begin absorbing!



Braggin’ Brawl finals – Saturday, February 14th

Looks like it’s the Badger Guild vs French Spirit yet again. These two guilds seem unstoppable lately. Remember, each member of the winning team gets a Tier 3 scroll of their choice!

ESL Scrolls Open 2015 Cup #2 – Sunday, February 15th

Strap on your tournament hats as the first season of this year’s ESL continues. Congratulations to last week’s winners:

  • 1st place: futboleddy
  • 2nd place: Donkey74
  • 3rd place: Kakarott

Oum Lasa Open – Saturday, February 21st

The Pirate Trophy tournament has been renamed to the much more appropriate Oum Lasa Open.  The prize pool is now over… wait for it… 160,000 gold! With over 30 players currently signed up, this looks to be a very exciting and competitive tournament.


See you next week!

-Gary (@Atmaz)