This Week in Scrolls – Dance contest



With the big February patch hitting servers yesterday, we’re not slowing our pace. It’s time to continue dancing our way on to the next set of Scrolls, and we want your help.


Flavor of the week

Starting today, each week we’ll be introducing a new scroll from the next set here on the blog. We’ll be showing one scroll from each faction. There’s one problem: They’ll be missing their flavor text.

That’s where you come in.

Say hello to Battle Dance:


See that big empty space at the bottom? We want you to fix that. We’re opening a thread on the Scrollsguide forums for one week where you will have the chance to pitch your best flavor at us. We’ll choose one winner.

Guidelines? There are none. Use your best imagination and shape the lore which ever way you want. If we like what we read, you’ll get your text in the game, be awarded the horrifying Design Contest headand receive a Tier 3 copy of the scroll that you added the tastiest flavor to (once it’s released).

Enter the contest here


Announcing the new Tournament Heads

Speaking of avatar rewards, we have something that is probably long overdue: New tournament reward heads. Remember the old ones? They’re gone. Retired. Kaput. Congratulations to everyone who was awarded them previously, but there’s a new head in town- and it looks like this:


These heads are exclusively reserved for placing high in tournaments. There’s some tough competition out there, so you’ve got your work cut out for you if you’re thinking about styling this noggin.

These new heads are in effect starting now, so that means this weekend’s Oum Lasa tournament will be the first opportunity to earn one!

More avatar goodness

A large amount of avatar pieces were introduced yesterday with the live patch. While the availability of them is random and unique to each player, you should know that we added two sets (male and female) of ten full avatars, and two sets (male and female) of ten unique heads, spread across several price brackets. That’s forty new items for purchase from the store. Content overwhelming!

You can check back each week to see what new avatar pieces are available for you to buy, so start saving that gold. Take a look at our Facebook galleries for the female and male sets… wait, does that guy have grasshoppers in his hands? While you’re over there, give us a Like!



Oum Lasa Open

This Saturday’s Oum Lasa Open is looking to be big. Over 200,000 gold in prizes will be handed out, spread all the way out to the top 16 finishers. There are even random prizes being awarded to those who simply participate! The winner of course will be the first to receive the new tournament head mentioned above.

Sign up for it here, and look for it to be streamed on our Twitch channel!

Oh – almost forgot. Ugster is up to his old ways again and has set up a gold betting booth for this tournament. Find more info on that here.

ESL Scrolls Open – Season One – Cup #3

The current ESL series continues this Sunday, and you can sign up for it here. Remember the prizes announced in this news post? The avatar head rewards are now the new ones mentioned above. Finish in the top 4 over the entire series to earn one. Good luck, it won’t be easy!


These two tournaments will be especially interesting, considering that the balance changes are still fresh on player’s minds. Who knows what we’ll see? My prediction: Beetle Stones.

Have a good weekend!