This Week in Scrolls – Echoes



This week, in addition to baking everyone a delicious pastry, we’ve revealed eight new scrolls from the upcoming set, “Set 7”. With one more scroll being revealed today, and the design for most of the set almost entirely complete, it’s probably time to share the name we’ve decided on.



When naming a set of scrolls, we look for an underlying theme. In the case of the next set, the name we’ve chosen has somewhat of a double meaning.

Thematically, the idea is that a conflict occurs as the different factions look for buried forces and powers from a previous era. Along another line of thought, this set is very much a follow up to Rebellion and Waypoints in that there are no new traits or keywords introduced – instead, the already existing mechanics are more fully explored.

For these reasons, we wanted a name that conveys the idea of looking to the past. This is how we’ve arrived at the name Echoes, and we’re very excited to bring this new set into the Scrolls universe.


Flavor of the week

As we promised last Friday, with a new week comes another flavor text contest – and a new scroll from Echoes. Last week’s Battle Dance for Energy received a lot of great submissions on Let’s see what you can do with Order’s new friend, the Scout:



Hmm… in that light it’s hard to tell if her outfit is green and brown or blue and black. Not quite sure. Anyway, that big empty space at the bottom needs your flavor text.

Enter the contest here



Oum Lasa Highlights

Last weekend’s Oum Lasa Open tournament was a huge success. With 70 participants, we were treated to a full day of competitive Scrolls games. We watched as Donkey74 went an astounding 13 wins and 0 losses, sweeping the entire tournament.

Bronol has put together a highlight video with some of the best moments from the entire tournament. If you missed it, it’s definitely worth a look.

ESL Series 2015 – Season One – Cup #4

ESL continues just has it has every Sunday for all of recent memory. The standings of the current season can be easily found here on Secure your place in the Top 8 to compete in the playoffs on March 22nd!



Oh, by the way, we’ve also finalized Varas, Essence Eater based on my extremely detailed concept art. While carnalizer took some artistic liberties with the piece, I feel he did a great job at capturing it and keeping true to the original design. And just to be clear – the nipple ring was not my idea.

-Gary (@Atmaz)