A rain of tournaments



Let’s run through some of the many upcoming tournaments and talk a little bit about tournament reward standards.

We’ve been happy to see a lot of new tournaments and competitions spring up among the community. We’re always excited and willing to support any sort of organized competition players want to put together. You may notice a lot of the incentives we offer for each tournament to be very similar, so I’d like to be more clear on our general standards for prize distribution. Please note that these are not written in stone and we deal with each competition on an individual basis – but, for the most part, these standards are nearly always followed.


Gold and Scroll rewards

Whether for competitive or casual formats, we can always offer gold and scroll rewards to tournament organizers. The standard can be expected as follows:

  • 1000 gold per tournament participant contributed to the overall prize pool, or 40,000 gold, whichever is greater. Tournament participant specifically refers to a player taking part in the tournament, not just signing up.
  • 1st Place: Tier 3 Scroll of choice
  • 2nd Place: Tier 2 Scroll of choice
  • 3rd place: Tier 1 Scroll of choice

Once again, these incentives are distributed on an individual basis per tournament. Tournament organizers can facilitate the distribution of the scrolls by providing me a list of what the winning players would like, rather than having us hunt them down.


Tournament Heads


These tournament heads are reserved for only the most competitive formats. While we want to encourage casual competitions as well, the tournament avatar heads are set aside for only the most “traditional” version of Scrolls play. Tournament heads can be expected to be provided for the following:

  • Competitive play formats (e.g. not “Highlander,” “Bunnies only,” “Commons only”)
  • Competitive tournament formats (e.g. Swiss Rounds into a set of finals or several qualifying tournaments with a finals)

In general, if a tournament is proposed that will clearly place some of the best, most deserving players on top, then these heads will be offered as incentives. If a competitive format tournament has over 32 participants, you can expect these heads to be awarded to first and second place.

There is some slight disproportion with how the heads are distributed in the ESL, as players must currently compete over six weeks to earn a chance in the playoffs – but each individual ESL Cup is not necessarily a competitive enough format to warrant distributing a new head each week. That in mind, current ESL Admin DaOvalord is working on some adjustments to the ESL format for next season. Head to this reddit thread to deliver him your thoughts.


Upcoming Tournaments

With all that out of the way, let’s take a look at what’s coming up soon in the Scrolls tournament scene.

Friday Minion League – Friday, March 13th

If you’re looking to take part in one of the aforementioned casual Scrolls tournaments, the newly introduced Friday Minion League fits the bill perfectly. What does “Minion League” mean? You can use common scrolls only – that’s it! While the schedule may be more friendly to North American players, it’s definitely worth a look. It is scheduled to happen every Friday, starting this week.

Pineapple Cup #2 – Saturday, March 14th

The next Pineapple Cup is here, and this time it’s switching into the increasingly popular Swiss format. Tournament heads will be distributed to the 1st and 2nd place finishers should it see over 32 participants, so make sure and sign up soon!

ESL Scrolls Open – Cup #6 – Sunday, March 15th

The last ESL cup before the playoffs takes place this Sunday. Play on to secure your place in the top eight!

Cheap Baguette Open – Friday, March 20th

Next weekend, Scrolls.fr bursts into the tournament scene – and they bring with them their most powerful weapon: Baguettes. This tournament will be one of three special formats, of which you can vote for in this strawpoll.

Wheel and Sail’s Pirate Cup – March 21st

A fixed deck competitive tournament with Swiss rounds and a finals. Not to be confused with the Oum Lasa Open, which was previously Pirate themed. Sign up to win gold, scrolls, and even a tournament head!


As you can see, there are plenty for you to choose from. Should you have any questions or are looking for some feedback on a tournament of your own that you’d like to run, please feel free to email me at atmaz@scrolls.com.

Have fun!

-Gary (@Atmaz)