Recognising a Community



Games like Scrolls live and breathe by the actions of its community, and there are few communities as friendly and helpful as ours. We feel the dedication that our players show deserves recognition, so let’s give them that!


The Scrollsies?

There’s the Grammys for Music, the Oscars for Movies, but what is there for Scrolls? Well, as you can see below, it’s our new “Scholar” avatar head.



We plan on awarding these heads to those people who make exceptional contributions to the community, or otherwise make a positive impact on the game environment as a whole. If you see somebody in game proudly sporting one of these avatar heads, thank them for us as they’ve helped make this community as amazing as it is.


So, who are the first to receive this?

Whilst he is also an in-game moderator, this player’s contributions include his incredible work on such community projects as Scrolls Academy, the forthcoming Tourney site, numerous competitions, and his popular fansite

Thank you, Orangee!


We’d also like to recognise a group of amazing people who have helped make Ktrey’s Scrolls Mentor Program so successful. Their incredible work has given many new players assistance in learning the game, an invaluable service that even earns the graduates a Tier 3 Scroll of their choice!

Thank you, Sysp, Donkey74, Cantor, Necro_Man_Ser, Ironballs, Verzuvius, Skipio, ChiefBromden, Magpieman, Ikraen, Dialex, Riveted321, Holofoil, Nevjoia, Francony, and siRisacc.


Finally, for outstanding contribution as a Moderator, tireless work in casting many tournaments, and organizing and running the guild-oriented Braggin’ Brawl for many months, we are awarding both the Scholar Avatar head and a spiffy new Moderator helmet to:


Billynomates. Thank you!


So, there we go. There are many more deserving recipients of the Community award, and we’ll let you know who they are next week, but if you think somebody deserves it then let us know.

Have fun and Good Luck

– gareth (@Seemescrollin)