Rewarding Ranked



There’s a new avatar head in town, and there’s only one way to get it: Win the most Ranked matches in a week!

Starting now, achieve the “Most Ranked Wins” award, which is calculated every Sunday at 9pm GMT, and you’ll be awarded the male and female version of this avatar piece.

While we will not be awarding this fully retroactively, the two Sundays since the last patch will be counted. Coincidentally, the same player has won this badge in those two weeks. That means the first player to earn this avatar head is the current holder of the badge:



If you see them, do not step on them – congratulate them!

If you think this avatar piece is difficult for you to obtain, don’t worry. We have more plans for additional avatar rewards for participating in Ranked matches. We think a lot of the fun in Scrolls multiplayer takes place in Ranked ladder, and we want to give players as many reasons to participate in it as possible.

Does the Ranked ladder make you nervous? Are you unsure of what deck you’d like to play? Try taking a look at the latest “meta update” written by Dialex on The article gives some options for deck building that are sure to give you inspiration.

The best way to start your Ranked career is to make a deck that you would like to play and jump right in. It doesn’t take any more preparation than that. You may lose a few games here and there, but here’s a hint: So does everyone else! Each loss can be a learning experience – and experience can be much more valuable than a rating number. As you play more games, you can make adjustments to your deck as you deem appropriate – or ask others for advice on what you can do. If you take the latter route, you’ll likely make a friend or two along the way.

In the end, as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.