The Path to Excellence



The best way to learn a Trading Card Game (TCG) is to be taught by a friend or family member. If you join the Scrolls Mentorship Program you’ll learn to be a better player, and maybe you’ll make some good friends too.

Not everybody learns well via in-game tutorials, and tutorials can never answer all the questions a player has. Especially when the game has hundreds of different card types and a seemingly infinite number of card interactions. All of this can feel daunting to new players but, as always, the amazing Scrolls community have created a solution.


The Scrolls Mentorship Program

Ktrey has enlisted some of the greatest talents in the game to help teach new players how to play Scrolls. During their two week program, with at least 2 one hour sessions per week, students should learn the following aspects of the game:

  • When to sacrifice, and for what

  • The importance of Board Control

  • The importance of Card Advantage

  • Deck Building basics

  • What to expect from your opponent’s deck

  • The state of the meta right now

  • General Scrolls strategy

To enlist as a Student, all you need to do is complete the application form located on the ScrollsGuide thread and you will be contacted via PM, or in game, when the next teaching slot is available.

Everybody who completes the program will receive a shiny new Tier 3 scroll of their choice!

If, however, you’d like to enlist as a Mentor then there’s an application form on that thread for you too.

There are currently 17 players who have completed the program and I’m sure they’d recommend it to anybody, both old player or new, who wants to improve their game.

Thank you Mentors, you’re doing a great job!

-Gareth (@seemescrollin)