This Week in Scrolls – Resonance cascade



We are nearing yet another patch to the test server with the next group of Echoes scrolls ready to run through the gauntlet. In the meantime, we’ve decided to extend the Flavor of the Week contests and have yet another scroll for you to cut your teeth on.

Flavor of the Week

The weekly flavor text contests have been so successful that we’ve decided to extend it for the foreseeable future.  We’ve completed a contest now for every faction and closed the poll where you’ve determined the next scroll that will be revealed.

Order, you say? Very well then.

Resonant Sword:


Echoes, as currently designed, will have a few new scrolls with the Resonance trait for Order. Resonant Sword may be the simplest of them, and is the only enchantment. It’s important to note that simple does not necessarily equal ineffective. Put one of these on a skirmisher and watch the madness begin.

While we haven’t yet revealed the other Resonance scrolls, you can expect at least one of them to be a structure. Resonant structures? Yes sir.

Anyway, your job right now is to fill in the blank area at the bottom of this scroll. Provide us with what you think the best flavor text would be, and if we select yours you will see it in the game. The usual additional prizes of the Design Contest avatar head and Tier 3 version of Resonant Sword apply.

Enter Contest Here


Previous flavor contest winners

With Earthboon’s thread closing today, we’re happy to announce the winners from the previous three Flavors of the Week:

Battle Dance:

“Qorran waltzes are played in thunderclap”-Reaver proverb



“You know me, general. I’m just full of ruined surprises.”


Sleep Moratorium:

In the mire, ‘Get up and pull yourself together’ has a very different meaning.



Each will receive the Design Contest avatar head and a Tier 3 version of their scroll, once Echoes is released. If yours didn’t get selected, don’t be discouraged. There were a lot of great submissions in each contest, but there can only be one winner.


Echoes progress

The team has been working full speed on Echoes content this week. At the beginning of the week, our progress trackers showed the next set to be around 64% complete. That number reflects all aspects of work that will make Echoes a reality: Scroll art, unit art, animations, rule implementation, and Herobrine elimination.

We plan on adding an additional twelve Echoes scrolls to the test server soon. Some of them you have seen already, many you have not.



Cheap Baguette Open‘s Cheap Baguette Open takes place today, not long after this post. The rules have been finalized via vote: All scrolls used must be common. Speaking of the French community, I recently completed an interview with them on their website, where we talk about many things related to Scrolls development.

Friday Minion League

For North American players, don’t forget about the FML. Another commons-only tournament, it’s a great way to earn some extra gold and scrolls.

ESL Playoffs

After six grueling weeks of ESL tournaments, the top eight players will be squaring off in the playoffs this Sunday. While the top four will receive tournament heads, there can only be one champion! If you didn’t make it into this season’s playoffs, stick around for next weekend where you’ll have a brand new chance to qualify.

Good luck, and congratulations to the following players:

  • Chiefbromden

  • Donkey74

  • Magpieman

  • GuidoFubini

  • TheSuperbSimone

  • H3zy

  • cashflo

  • dialex


See you next week!

-Gary (@Atmaz)