This Week in Scrolls – Rise and shine



Wake up buddy, it’s Friday! Hmm, doesn’t look like much of a morning person. Rough night?


Flavor of the Week

Last week’s flavor text contest on had another brilliant turnout. Let’s do another. We’ve covered Energy and Order so far. How about some Decay?

Introducing the next scroll from Set 7: Echoes – Sleep Moratorium:


I’ll take one Nuru, please. Thank you very much.

As usual, it’s your job to fill in the empty space at the bottom of this scroll. If we select you as a winner, you’ll have your flavor text added to the game and be given a Tier 3 version of Sleep Moratorium!

Oh, yeah… you’ll get… this thing too. It… it never stops looking at me…

Enter the Contest Here


Scrolls Modding – Summoner

Did you know there’s an actively developed Mod pack for Scrolls? It’s called Summoner, and a clever community member by the name of noHero is responsible for currently maintaining it. He’s done a great job with it, and recently added features such as a Battle Log and a Drawing Tool. A brief list of the modifications can be found in this post written by TheCheesymaster.

Nrp has also put together a simple tutorial video on how to get started with this impressive set of tools. Keep in mind, it can be a little tricky to get working – so if you’re not very technically minded, you may just want to stick to the vanilla version.



There has been a surge of recent tournaments, but I’ll only be covering the ones occuring this weekend in this blog post. Remember, a great place to check for upcoming tournaments is the Scrollsguide Tournaments Forum.

Braggin’ Brawl – Saturday, March 7th

This month’s Braggin’ Brawl, a competition between Scrolls guilds, will be somewhat of a departure from previous formats. In the interest of making it easier for smaller guilds to participate, guilds are now allowed to register up to two “teams of three.” Click on the link above for more info – or visit the Scrollsguide Guild Recruitment forum to find yourself a guild.

ESL Scrolls Open – Cup #5 – Sunday, March 8th

Two more ESL cups to go before the playoffs. Get your games in this weekend and win some gold and scrolls in the process!

Rewards for placing high in an ESL series are as follows:

  • Tournament heads for the top 4 players of the series playoffs
  • 500 gold per participant in each cup will be distributed to the top 3 finishers
  • A Tier 3 Scroll of choice to the winner of each cup

Next Week’s Tournaments

For casual and competitive players alike, allow me to introduce the Friday Minion League,‘s Cheap Baguette Open, and Pineapple Cup #2! Click those links to find out more for now, but expect a mid-week blog post highlighting these tournaments individually.

So… many… tournaments! (That’s a good thing)


Meanwhile, most of the team has been on a field trip to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. Our new external artist, Vike, continues to crank out unit art in the meantime – which Bomuboi will begin animating once he returns. Did you know that he animated all four of the newly introduced units? He’s pretty darn good at it.

 See you next week!

-Gary (@Atmaz)