Test Server – Passing Judgement



We’re mixing Judgement up a bit on the test server, and we’re eager for your testing and feedback. We’ve also added a few new rules for the new Custom Matches and – oh ya – you can view your judgement deck now.


Changelog 1.2.5 (client 1.2.5)


  • Judgement has been reworked. You can now sacrifice freely for Wild in Judgement. This is definitely still experimental, so please leave feedback. We’ll also experiment with lowering idol Health in Judgement later on.
  • You can now view your Judgement deck (but not your sideboard) by clicking Judgement in the Arena, and then choosing ‘Deck options’ -> ‘View deck’.

Custom Matches

  • New rule:
    playCard(playerSide, cardName, row, column, [optional playerCaster])
    Plays a scroll on target tile at the start of the game. Note: playerSide (P1/P2) defines which side it’s cast on, and playerCaster who casts it. If playerCaster is undefined, the card is cast from the same side it’s played on.
  • New rule:
    This unlocks Wild, so that you can freely sacrifice for Wild like in the new Judgement mode.
  • New rule:
    resources(playerSide, faction, amount)
    Gives starting resources of a specific faction. Note: faction is either growth, order, decay, energy or special (wild).
  • Fixed some issues with automatically generated custom game descriptions.


  • Oppressor’s Rule (Order): Should now work properly [bug fix].
  • Pother (Order): Changed its interaction with Lockling Brood to be more consistent with things like Burn and Soul Steal.


Judgement Changes

Let’s talk about the Judgement changes for a moment. While the idea of reworking Judgement in this specific manner has been around for a while, a lot of recent discussion about this subject can be found in this reddit thread, courtesy of Holofoil.

While there are some players who enjoy Judgement in its current state and feel that it’s fine just the way it is, it’s never been an extremely popular game mode – and there’s probably a good reason behind that. It’s fairly safe to say that any reworking of this limited format can’t hurt too terribly much, and since we have the opportunity of trying adjustments out on the test server along with all of the other upcoming changes, there’s almost no reason not to.

We will be testing the sets of Judgement changes in two phases.

  • Phase 1: Wild always available in Judgement
  • Phase 2: Wild always available in Judgement, idols in Judgement are decreased to 6 health

We will announce when the next phase begins, but it won’t be very long – we just want to make sure we have enough feedback first.

The Goal

We recognize that constructed play has been balanced around the existing resource system and 10 idol health. Under no circumstances do we expect the style of play and strategy to be exactly the same in these new Judgement settings – and that’s fine, that’s kind of the goal here. Will new issues surface along with this change? Absolutely. Unforeseen problems will arise with any sort of adjustment to the fundamental aspects of how Scrolls is played. Will the benefits outweigh the sacrifices? That’s what we’re looking to find out.

During internal play testing, several variations of idol health in the new Judgement mode were given a try. How did we arrive specifically at 6 idol health?

Simply put: It was fun.

It felt right. It felt exciting to play. That said, we agree with the feedback we’ve received in regards to changing too many variables at once during testing – so we’ll be pushing these changes to the test server in two phases and collecting feedback from each iteration.

Will 6 be the right number? Maybe not. Maybe idols in Judgement should remain at 10.

Hopefully feedback from our testers will help us come to a more solid conclusion on this. If the end result of these changes is a more exciting and entertaining Judgement experience – then we will have achieved our goal.

 Oh, by the way, we’ve also implemented one of the features teased previously in this post: the ability to view your current Judgement deck. After further thought, we’ve generously decided to make it freely available instead of purchasable as DLC.

Accessing the Test Server

You can access the Test Server by starting the Scrolls launcher, clicking “More Options”-> “Play Test Server.”  Keep in mind, the Test Server is just that – a test server, and some users may experience login issues from time to time.