Test Server – Rewards & new Scrolls



The latest Echoes scrolls have hit the test server. The factions are finding themselves with a few common goals in mind and form a variety of treaties with one another. How long can such tenuous pacts last? Well, about four to eight turns it seems.


Changelog 1.2.7 (client 1.2.7)

Reward levels

  • Gold rewards for Skirmish, Quick, and Ranked matches has been significantly increased. Additionally, you now have a chance of earning a scroll after finishing a match without surrendering.
  • Judgement reward levels have been increased.


  • Added 5 new Echoes scrolls.
    • Potency Burst
      1 Energy
      Surge: Deal X magic damage to target unit.
    • Reaver’s Treaty
      2 Energy
      Spell: Lingering
      Linger: 8
      Units you control with Pillage or Dominion have +1 Attack.
    • Hunter’s Treaty
      2 Growth
      Spell: Lingering
      Linger: 4
      If you control creatures from multiple factions, creatures you control have +2 Attack.
    • Gloomstone Treaty
      2 Decay
      Linger: 6
      When a non-Decay creature you control is destroyed, summon a Revenant in its place.
    • Border Treaty
      2 Order
      Spell: Lingering
      Linger: 6
      Non-Order Human creatures you control have +2 Attack.
  • Efficiency (Order): +2 Attack (was 1).
  • Earthboon (Growth): +2 Attack per Lingering spell (was 1).
  • Ashen Vapors (Decay): Increased Linger duration to 5 (was 4).
  • Shambler Sickness (Decay): No longer decreases Move by 1.
  • Pack Husk (Decay): Attack 2 (was 3).
  • Swirling Smoke (Decay): No longer removes effects [bug fix].

Custom matches

  • Enabled custom matches vs AI.
  • Added bet(amount) parameter. Takes that much gold from both players at the start of the match, and awards it to the winner after the match. Does not work vs the AI.
  • Added noTimer() to remove round timer. [Multiplayer only]
  • Added gameTimer(totalTime). When totalTime expires, the game is lost. [Multiplayer only]
  • Added accumulationTimer(startTime, extraPerRound). Each player has an accumulated time pool that increases when the turn ends. When a player runs out, the next player gets a turn. [Multiplayer only]
  • Added difficulty() parameter (takes easy, medium, hard) for custom matches against the AI.
  • Added deck(playerSide, cardTypes…). Example: deck(P1, 1, 19, 27) to give yourself a Gravelock Elder, a Metempsychosis and a Burn. Note: You can get the list of numbers from the export deck dialog in the deck builder.
  • Added chooseDeck(playerSide) to force deck selection popup for one player.
  • Added randomCards(playerSide, amount) to give a player a number of random cards.
  • Multiple card commands for the same player (deck, chooseDeck, randomCards) are added together. For example, chooseDeck(P1) combined with deck(P1, 27) lets a player choose a deck, then shuffles in a Burn.


  • Increased max number of users in chat rooms to 100.
  • Hovering the card history in matches now shows visual indicators on the board. This is still work in progress.
  • Test server should now always be open to everyone [bug fix].
  • The Regeneration trait, when clicked on, now mentions poison removal.

Known issues

  • Art for one Border Treaty


Accessing the Test Server

You can access the Test Server by starting the Scrolls launcher, clicking “More Options”-> “Play Test Server.” ┬áKeep in mind, the Test Server is just that – a test server, and some users may experience login issues from time to time. We think it should be fixed for most everyone now!

-Gary (@Atmaz)