Test server: Echoes – Balance tweaks



The initial wave of Echoes balancing has worked its way onto the test server, along with a few other interesting changes to custom matches and the beginnings of a much requested improvement to enchantment effects. Click the stream to find out more!


Changelog 1.2.12 (client 1.2.12)


  • Spotted Lynx (Growth): Countdown 3 (was 2).
  • Overgrown Menhir (Growth): Cost 3 (was 2).
  • Verdant Remnant (Growth): Cost 5 (was 4), Health 5 (was 4).
  • Hunter’s Treaty (Growth): Linger 3 (was 4).
  • Earthen Splendor (Growth): +2 Health (was 1).
  • Blast Automaton (Energy): 3 Health (was 4).
  • Lightning Chest (Energy): Linger 5 (was 4)
  • Magma Thrower (Energy): Fixed attack animation [bug fix]. (note: bug fix is bugged)
  • Excogitator (Energy): Activation cost 3 (was 2).
  • Golem Skin (Energy): Fixed a crash bug in trials [bug fix].
  • Imperial Scepter (Order): Cost 5 (was 6).
  • Mystic’s Storm (Order): Lingering spells you control count up by 2 (was 3), opponent’s count down by 3 (was 2).
  • Pack Fowl (Order): Fixed dominion effect not working properly [bug fix].
  • Gloomstone Treaty (Decay): Linger 5 (was 6).
  • Bog Hound (Decay): Dominion: +3 Attack (was 2).
  • Corpse Strider (Decay): Only triggers on Undead you control (used to trigger on both sides).
  • Miremare (Decay): Dominion: +2 Attack on and +3 Health (was +3/+3).
  • Shroud of Unlife (Decay): The added Undead subtype can no longer be removed by Purification or similar.
  • Corpse Theft (Decay): No longer works on structures [bug fix].

Custom matches

  • Added mustComplete(authorName, customMatchName) – Lets you chain custom matches so that a previous one has to be completed to play this one (single player only).
  • Added hide() – Lets you hide your custom match from the public while working on it.
  • Added ecDestroyIdols(playerSide, numberOfIdols) – Changes the end condition – match is won by player when numberOfIdols idols are destroyed.
  • Added ecClearAll(playerSide) – Changes the end condition – match is won by player when the opponent’s side is cleared.
  • Added ecKillUnit(playerSide, row, column) – Changes the end condition – match is won by player when the unit that started on a specific tile is destroyed.
  • Added difficulty(none) – Makes AI passive (does not take actions).


  • The replay control bar can now be hidden or shown by pressing F3.
  • Keyboard control: Left arrow to start over, right arrow to fast forward, up arrow to pause/unpause.


  • Made enchantment glow more visible (!)