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Rewarding Ranked

  There’s a new avatar head in town, and there’s only one way to get it: Win the most Ranked matches in a week!

Combat Crust

  A tasty addition to your custom idols is available for purchase this week. It really raises the stakes of each battle. What person in their right mind would ever let someone destroy their delicious pies? No, attacking units are … Continue reading

Thanks for the Screenshots!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our request for screenshots. We had a great response, and have updated the media section of the site accordingly. Congratulations Ryan Combes (Shasharala), Matthew Elmes (Melmes), Tyler (Tinfox), Louis LeBon, Ed Kearny (eddebaby), Victor … Continue reading

We need your screenshots!

Scrolls has changed a lot since the first Alpha codes were sent out. For that reason, the screenshots in the Media section of are slightly dated. It’s a bit sad over there. With your help, we’re hoping to spice … Continue reading