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Ranked reset

  With Echoes releases comes the introduction of automated ladder seasons. Read on to find out exactly how this will affect the current ranked ladder, and how the new automated seasons will be structured.

Echoes is coming

  Hello folks, We’re happy to announce that Echoes is almost here. On Tuesday, June 9th, we’ll release the full set, along with the myriad other changes we’ve made on the test server. Read on for more details!

What’s next for Scrolls?

  It’s been a while since the last update on Scrolls development, so here’s a handy post on that very subject. Read and learn, honourable Scrolldier.

Introducing… crafting!

  We have an exciting new feature to announce. Crafting! At the moment, there’s nothing to differentiate your scrolls from mine. That’s about to change…

Upcoming balance changes

Hi! We’ve just uploaded a modified version of Noaidi to our newly set up test server. This felt like a good opportunity to discuss how we would like to handle game balance and scroll changes. If you’re interested, read on … Continue reading

We’re still here… honest!

Greetings honourable Scrolls fan! Sorry about the recent radio silence. It’s not down to laziness, or that we don’t care about you. The team are busier than ever, working their socks off to make Scrolls as good as it can … Continue reading

Upcoming Changes

Just wanted to give a small heads up for our alpha testers. Come next update, we will remove most of your scrolls and all of your current decks. You will be left with 3 starter decks, one of each resource. … Continue reading