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 The official Scrolls Devblog

  • Scrolls Developer Ramblings – Insight into Scrolls development, ramblings from the team, cool artwork, and more! The ideas and artwork here are all subject to change.

Competitive Scrolls gaming

Forums and fan sites

  • ScrollsGuide – The most robust Scrolls fansite. Includes news, interviews, and lots more.
  • Scrolldier – A Scrolls fansite with a large database of player made decks, guilds, and other goodies.
    • Deck builder – A great deckbuilding tool with fancy export options.
  • /r/Scrolls on Reddit – The Scrolls subreddit is full of activity!
  • -A French site and forum.
  • ScrollsGuide wiki – Currently, the most content-thick wiki available.
  • Roasted Bean Potion – An exclusively Scrolls news blog. New articles are posted regularly.
  • Scrolls on Facebook – You know Facebook right? It’s that, but for Scrolls! Like us!
  • Scrolls on Steam – You can’t buy Scrolls on Steam but there’s a dedicated group anyway.

Scrolls videos

  • Blinky on YouTube and – Regular Instructional and Tutorial Videos from a veteran player of Scrolls.
  • Nrp on YouTube – Top 5 Plays of the Week, Trial Tutorials, Judgement Runs, and Ranked Matches from Nrp, a consistently high ranked player.
  • Heart of Scrolls – A weekly Scrolls Podcast – on Youtube and Feedburner
  • Scrolls France on Youtube

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